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Voy is a young startup online travel community and resource center completely run by unpaid volunteers and college interns who are passionate about meaningful travel, especially for educational or professional purposes abroad. This includes study abroad, international student exchange, internships and temporary work positions abroad.


Going abroad for an extended period of time is a daunting task for many young people. Whether for financial or personal reasons, it is all-too-often downright impossible for many young people to take advantage of the many international opportunities available to them.


Thus, the mission of Voy is to help facilitate the process of going abroad to pursue life-changing educational and professional opportunities for both American and international students. By providing advice and a platform for building a community of like-minded student travelers, we hope the prospect of going abroad becomes that much less challenging for young people all over the world. Voy also provides valuable editorial and journalism internships and professional experience to well-qualified college students.


As the coming school year approaches, the team at Voy aspires to provide several scholarships to students and young professionals, especially minorities, who demonstrate high financial need and require assistance in order to realize their dreams of making a difference in the world by studying, interning, or volunteering abroad.


If you would like to help Voy with it’s mission, please consider making a small donation. Your donation will positively impact the lives of American college students, their families, local community, and the foreign community where they will serve or study. The global community thanks you.

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