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International Education and Meaningful Travel (IEMT) are the founding pillars of Voy.  Whether you or your students are going abroad to study, work, volunteer, or simply expand horizons during an educational gap year or spring break, Voy is a valuable source of relevant travel information based on real first-hand student experiences.  A site for travel-enthusiasts, especially students and their mentors, Voy is your one-stop-shop for useful tips, advice, websites, and the latest news relevant to help make the prospect of your next trip abroad, for whatever the reason, all the less challenging.  Voy also provides a chance for people who are interested in study abroad opportunities to ask questions, seek advice, and discuss their concerns and excitement with others who are in the same position as them via the discussion forums.  Please help us make this site as useful and engaging as possible by contacting the administrator with your suggestions via the Contact link.

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Founded in 2015, "Voyage" started as a group project in an International Education graduate program at Florida International University in Miami, Florida.  Once live on the internet, Voyage quickly attracted a lot of attention from students around the country interested in educational opportunities abroad.  We also began to receive inquiries from students all over the world interested in studying in the United States.

Voyage then became "Voy," playing on the Spanish word for "I'm going..." (Voy abroad!), while at the same time utilizing the new domain Voy.gs as a homage to its the original name.

As more questions and topics poured in from around the world and Voy responded by publishing more and more articles to address them, the "project" quickly morphed into a valuable online resource full of information helping students organize and plan international educational opportunities.

Now, Voy regularly publishes informative and engaging pieces written by students, for students covering a wide range of topics related to international education and meaningful travel.

Voy offers valuable internships in creative writing, marketing, social media, and other related fields to college students all over the world, providing professional development experience and serving as a platform for students to learn from other students who have faced the same concerns and challenges around study, or more general travel, abroad.


Voy is here to connect the world through study abroad, international education, and meaningful travel.

Students often give up on the idea of going abroad for countless reasons, often dismissing the notion as nothing more than a dream. International education, however, has proven to have a major impact on student's lives, both personally and professionally. Therefore, our mission is to alleviate common concerns and frustrations students may have leading up to, and during, educational and professional sojourns abroad to make the dream of world travel into a viable reality.


To increase the number of students participating in international educational and professional opportunities and help reach industry goals of doubling the number of students going abroad by 2020, while also making international students feel welcomed here at home.


The current goal of Voy for the upcoming 2017-2018 academic year is to enable students to participate in high-quality study or volunteer programs abroad by awarding several micro-scholarships to students demonstrating high financial need and academic promise.



Paul Downey

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Paul Joseph Downey is a graduate of both The Ohio State University with bachelor degrees in Spanish and International Studies, and Florida International University with a Master of Science in International Education.  Born in Columbus, Ohio, and currently residing in Washington, DC, he also considers South Korea, Miami, Madrid, Paris, and Buenos Aires all very dear to his heart.


William-Jose Velez Gonzalez

Chief Operations Officer

William-José Vélez González is a graduate from Florida International University in Engineering Management and Biomedical Engineering with a minor in International Relations. Born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, he lives in Washington, DC and has been to Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Cayman Islands, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau.


Debora Aberastury

Assistant Editor

Debora Aberastury graduated from Webster University with a B.A. in International Relations, and is a current M.A. candidate in International Relations at Webster Vienna Private University. She studied abroad in England and Greece.


Libby You

Social Media Assistant Editor

Libby You is a Senior at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in International Relations & Global Studies and Asian Cultures & Languages with a specification in Korean and a minor in European Studies. Coming from a small town in Texas, she was always curious in the vast world that lay in the horizon. The trips to visit family in Malaysia and Singapore every few years were a welcome adventure, but never enough to satiate her curiosity. This curiosity developed her passion of learning about different cultures and different languages. In the spring semester of 2016, Libby studied abroad in Seoul where she fell deeper in love with travelling abroad. After graduating in the spring of 2017, she hopes to continue her adventures with a trip through Europe and getting a job either teaching English abroad or one that will allow her to continue learning and interacting with the world.

A student, a blogger and a traveler. Julia writes for her blog as well as other travel and study abroad related websites. As a student at University of Glasgow she is pursuing a degree in Comparative Literature and Spanish, and is very interested in learning languages and learning about foreign cultures. In the meantime Julia is gaining experience in the area of digital marketing an content writing. She enjoys travelling and writing about it, learning about blogging and marketing, reading and spending time with friends and family.

Ebonie Ellison ‘17 comes from Hartford, Connecticut where she graduated from Middletown high school. Ebonie was the captain of the basketball team where she won honorable mentions at the region and state level. At Arizona State University, Ebonie plans to pursue a degree in history with a concentration in American history and a minor in African American Studies. She is also apart of the student run newspaper the polytech while volunteering as a reading tutor for FLOC. After graduation Ebonie plans to pursue her Master’s in English.

Evan is a guy who needed to go to Japan to really know what he wanted to do with his life.  There, Evan was able to learn Japanese.  As a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, he was forced to speak Japanese on a daily basis.  Not only that, but he was forced to learn Portuguese, which was a very big surprise, and forced to use the Spanish he knew.  That was when it him that he loved languages and would love to spend the rest of his life learning them.  He is currently learning Mandarin at Brigham Young University-Idaho and hopes to take on Korean and Cantonese in the future.  His focus is in the field of translation and interpretation.  Through this, he hopes to be able to see more of the world with his wife and future child.

Shardae studied in Valparaiso Chile in the Fall of 2014. She loves encouraging other students to go abroad and helping them find resources to make that dream a reality.

Sharon believes that there is no one as communicative as she (both in English and Chinese). Her capability of efficiently communicating is incredible, thanks to years of working as leader of class and volunteer.

Hannah, is an American who just graduated from the University of Edinburgh. She has lived abroad in France, Scotland, Sweden and Malaysia and has traveled throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. Hannah loves to travel and is always looking for the next opportunity to explore the world.

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