Traveling Abroad Can Be Difficult, But The Benefits Are Worth It

Travelling changes us. Even domestic travel can have a deeply positive psychological effect, whether it be to an unfamiliar city or a natural park, you gain knowledge, and even appreciation for a particular place. But domestic travel can have limits because you are traveling within your home country. Cultures can remain familiar, even despite slight […]


Study Abroad for Global Citizenship

Study abroad and the quest for global citizenship Introduction Over the last decade the field of International Education has been increasingly pushing study abroad as the principle means of shaping their students into “global citizens”. However, many critics are adamantly opposed to the idea of global citizenship, believing that it weakens or replaces national citizenship […]


To Stay or Not to Stay

For some people, traveling abroad requires experiencing as much of one or multiple countries as possible. But for other people, traveling to just one location and immersing themselves in that location is top priority. No matter the preference, each will have its benefits and drawbacks. In the end, compromising will surely provide the best results. […]