Hidden Gems of the Northwest

Seattle, Portland, Olympia, Eugene; these are the cities that come to mind when we think of the Pacific Northwest. The northwestern corner of the United States offers tourists a unique sense of both natural and metropolitan beauty. However, like most places, each has its own set of hidden gems. For the state of Washington, one […]

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Manuel Antonio National Park

 One of Costa Rica’s most frequented spots is Manuel Antonio National Park. Located just 110 miles from San Jose, the park is full of biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. Capuchin monkeys jump from branch to branch, sloths lounge within the canopies, lizards and iguanas climb the trees, and waves roll towards the beach while birds chirp […]

U.S.S. Missouri

Where to Visit Floating Museums

There are relics around the world that have served an important purpose in history, one of which being navy vessels. What sets these leviathans apart from other historical relics is the opportunity for hands-on interaction. Said interaction is triggered by every step we take above or below deck that takes us back in time. Museum […]


The Origins of 4 Popular Delicacies

We often make assumptions as to where delicacies originated just by their ingredients, looks, and even their name. The situation, however, is not always what it seems. Thanks to centuries of immigration and various global ethnic diasporas, many popular dishes are “reinventions” of more traditional fare. Here are the surprising origins of 4 popular delicacies […]