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Communication from Abroad: How to Keep Relationships Healthy While Away

How to Keep Relationships Healthy While Away Getting accepted into a study abroad program means winning a mini-break from your day-to-day life. You get to live in another country, explore beautiful landscapes, meet new people and then, finally, you’ll return home. What you may sometimes forget amidst all the excitement, and hustle and bustle, is […]


Book Review: The Study Abroad Journal

Offering study abroad participants an organized approach to student-travel, The Study Abroad Journal by Brooke Roberts and Natalie Garrett, details methods in which students can create study-abroad experiences that are not only personally rewarding, but also marketable to graduate schools and future employers. Designed to aid students in getting the most out of their program […]


Becoming a Traveler

Becoming a Traveler in Barcelona Studying abroad in Barcelona for four weeks was an incredible experience. I conquered my fears, made new friends, and was able to visit a city I had been dreaming about since watching Cheetah Girls 2 years earlier. But most importantly, it was incredible because I was able to break the […]


How to stay charged while traveling

Some travelers like to travel sans phone or technology to better immerse themselves in “real experiences”.  But for many, their phone or tablet is the best travel companion. Whether it’s used for apps, transportation, getting in contact with hosts, or just using it for emergencies, keeping what’s in your pocket charged is essential. No one […]