Close up on a couple holding hands in the park in autumn

Communication from Abroad: How to Keep Relationships Healthy While Away

How to Keep Relationships Healthy While Away Getting accepted into a study abroad program means winning a mini-break from your day-to-day life. You get to live in another country, explore beautiful landscapes, meet new people and then, finally, you’ll return home. What you may sometimes forget amidst all the excitement, and hustle and bustle, is […]


Ávila’s Medieval Wall

A UNESCO World Heritage City, Ávila, Spain possesses a rich history.  The home of Santa Teresa and an incredible number of Gothic and Roman churches, the ancient streets of the inner city have witnessed about twenty centuries of development.  While I suggest trying a Yema (a traditional pastry) and their famous chuletón (a steak, often […]


The Untold Story of Africa

A lot of people living in Europe, North and South America, Asia, The Middle East and The Oceanic countries that have no first-hand experience with Africa rely on international headlines from news agencies to get a glimpse of what happens in Africa. Truthfully speaking, most international news agencies across the globe paint Africa in a […]


Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is a magical place. As soon as you step foot off the train, take a look up the mountain towards the castle and you’ll know what I mean. The quaint town, just a 40 minute train ride from the center of Lisbon (Rossio/Restauradores Station), is enveloped in a mystical haze and full of parks […]